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TitaniaHere you can learn about Antarctica and how to survive in its harsh climate.

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Map of Antarctica
Royals and Excellent Emperors live in Antarctica, the land of ice at the bottom of the globe at the South Pole. The weather is extreme and hostile. It is cold...and dry...and windy. The temperature can drop down to -128.56 ºF (-89.2° C)! As the windiest continent on earth, the land is often plagued for weeks by brutally strong weather with only brief periods of calm that never last for more than a few hours. To make matters even worse, Antarctica is covered under an uninterrupted shroud of darkness for six months every year! Since it is so very, very cold, rain never falls from the sky in Antarctica. All precipitation turns to snow. Heavy blankets of snow regularly add layer after layer that cover the coasts. Under this unrelenting barrage, more than 98% of this huge continent is covered with ice. Though covered by ice, some of the features of the land are still revealed. The Transantarctic Mountains burst forth out of the ground and stretch across the entire continent to divide it into two parts. Although Antarctica is a harsh environment, it is nonetheless a land of great beauty and elegant grace. Its vast icy plains and majestic mountains shimmer in the sun as they reflect the cold blue sky, and thus transform this place into a great white frozen kingdom that is a fitting home for a race of royalty.
Owner Survival Guide
As human beings, you must protect yourself from the harsh elements whenever staying with the Royals and Excellent Emperors in their icy home. Wear many layers of warm clothing. Cover your feet, ankles, hands, wrists and head. Synthetic fibers and insulated footwear are highly recommended. Keep your clothes dry and clean in order to maintain the best insulation. During the six months of constant daylight, you are very vulnerable to UV (ultra-violet) radiation. Although it is cold, the sunlight is intense and multiplied by its reflection on the ice. Wear wrap-around goggles and sunscreen on any exposed skin. Eat nutritious foods and wear insulated clothing to keep your body warm. Most importantly, be sure not to wander off alone. Always, travel with fellow owners, Royals and Excellent Emperors wherever you go. Watch out for signs of “frost-nip” and hypothermia in yourself and others. Find shelter immediately if any “frost-nip” or hypothermia develops.

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