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TitaniaHere you can learn about the NPCs you may encounter around ExcellentEmperors.com. NPC stands for Non-Playing Character. That means an NPC (like me) can talk to you but you can't talk back (sorry!). NPCs will give you useful and entertaining information (and I should know!)

Stages - Learn about the Royals' 8 Stages of growth.
Predators - Learn about the Predators Royals need protection from.
NPCs - You are here.
Environment - Learn about Antarctica and surviving in its harsh climate.
Occupations - Learn the Royals' possible Occupations.
Help Real Penguins - Learn how to help real Penguins and other animals.

Jessica is an intrepid Explorer, studying the Royals, the Excellent Emperors, and their environment. She can fill you in about their life stages, environment, occupations, characteristics, and the predators that threaten them. She can also give you vital information on how to survive and prosper in the Antarctic. After all, she herself is a long time denizen of the Royals' icy realm.
Orphanage Caretaker
Orphanage Caretaker
Titania, the Orphanage Caretaker, is a respected Empress who has pledged to care for all orphaned and abandoned Royal children. Although she does not have any children of her own, she possesses strong motherly instincts and can be very protective of her orphans. If you wish to adopt a Royal from the orphanage, it is best to get on her good side.
Shop Keeper
Shop Keeper
Tucker, the Shop Keeper, is a Royal who has made a name for himself by providing fashionable accessories and innovative cosmetic options to other Royals. He is renowned among the Excellent Emperors as a fashion expert and will happily assist with all of your fashion needs.
Fertility Counselor/Matchmaker
Fertility Counselor/Matchmaker
Artemis, the Fertility Counselor & Matchmaker, is an Empress and mother to many. She has assisted as a midwife and as a caretaker for many new Royal mothers and owners. She has also been very happily paired for several decades with her mate, Tucker. She will happily offer you relationship and courting advice.

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