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TitaniaWelcome! Oh my, have we met? I am Titania, the Orphanage Caretaker, here at ExcellentEmperors.com. I am always eager to meet anyone new, especially, if they're interested in adopting a little Royal Egg. You look like you'd be an excellent parent! I do hope that you will consider joining us.

If you do, please provide the requested information below so that we can make it official. By joining us, you'll be able to socialize with other Members, create a profile, and of course, adopt and take care of a little Royal of your very own! Doesn't that sound splendid? So, come on, let's get started!

This name represents you, the Caretaker, not your Royal. usernames may be up to 20 characters long, containing only letters, numbers and spaces. No symbols or special characters. usernames are CASE-SENSITIVE.

Passwords may be up to 20 characters long, containing letters, numbers, spaces and special characters. Using a special character, such as * or !, makes a password more secure. Passwords are CASE-SENSITIVE.

ArtemisThank you for clicking on the banner ads to help support us!

Kip & SophieWant to help our site grow? Order a Premium Royal. They're cool!

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