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Rules & Guidelines

TitaniaHere are the Rules and Guidelines. Please read them carefully.

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Other Rules & Guidelines
  1. Read, understand and follow the Terms of Service and any Forum Rules and Guidelines.
  2. Follow all Administrator or Staff Member requests and instructions.
  3. Do not encourage others to break the rules.
Keep Up-to-Date
  1. Remember the Rules and Guidelines may change at any time.
Keep Passwords Safe
  1. Do not ask for other peoples’ Passwords.
  2. Do not give anyone else your Password.
  3. Remember Administrators and Staff Members will NEVER ask you for your Password for ANY reason.
No Spamming
  1. Do not post or send:
    • Nonsense
    • Irrelevant information
    • Unwanted offers, advertisements, proposals, spam or junk mail
    • Chain letters or forwards (fwds)
    • Warnings about threats (on or offline)
    • Requests for charity unrelated to ExcellentEmperors.com
    • The same information repeatedly
No Trolling or Flaming
  1. Do not share anything that is meant to upset, insult or anger others including, but not limited to, anything racially, sexually or ethnically insulting, illegal, embarrassing, hateful, offensive and/or inappropriate.
  2. Do not share anything that may contribute to or otherwise cause viewers to experience a bad physical reaction, such as migraine headaches or seizures.
No Stalking
  1. Do not harass or threaten an individual or group of individuals.
  2. Leave people alone if they ask you to stop communicating with them.
No Cybering
  1. Do not ask others to cyber.
  2. Do not cyber.
  3. Remember that cybersex is the exchange of sexual experience descriptions and/or mature content role play.
No Child Abuse
  1. Do not discuss, describe, make light of, joke about or promote child sexuality, abuse, exploitation and/or related topics that may be harmful or threatening to a child or minor.
No Pirating or Copyright Violations
  1. Do not ask for or share anything you do not own the copyright to or do not have the right to share.
  2. Do not claim something as your own work that you did not create yourself.
  3. Do not share something you have made yourself, but that is heavily copied or traced from the work of others, or including but not limited to text, images and/or graphics you did not create yourself.
No Mature Content
  1. Keep everything you share PG-13 and under.
  2. Do not share anything sexually explicit or pornographic.
  3. Do not share anything that depicts excessive violence, rape or gore.
  4. Do not make light of or joke about violence, rape or gore.
No Botting
  1. Do not use an automated script, macro or refreshing feature to add Royals or add incubations, feedings or alliances (clicks) to a Royal.
  2. Remember that using any software or codes to generate clicks without the need for you being in front of your computer is botting.
No Stealing or Selling Royals
  1. Do not sell Royals or incubations, feedings or alliances (clicks) to increase a Royal’s growth for non-ExcellentEmperors.com items (including cash) or vice versa.
  2. Remember no ExcellentEmperors.com item or action has any real value, and is not transferable or redeemable for any sum of money or monetary value.
No Hacking, Scamming or Phishing
  1. Do not access or try to access someone else’s Account.
  2. Do not try to guess someone else’s Password.
  3. Do not pretend to be someone else.
  4. Do not use or try to use site glitches or errors to your advantage.
  5. Do not trick or try to trick anyone into doing something.

If you wish to share something on ExcellentEmperors.com and you are unsure whether what you wish to share is against the Rules and Guidelines, go to Contact Us and use Qusetion as the reason for your email.

Failure to comply with these Rules and Guidelines may result in disciplinary action, including the deletion of your ExcellentEmperors.com Account. Your use of ExcellentEmperors.com is also subject to the Terms and Conditions set forth in the Terms of Service.

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